Sarah Philpot – Lesley Curnick: Headway Academic Skills 2 Listening and Speaking Class Audio CDs (2)

Várható szállítási idő: 1-3 munkanap
Nyelv: angol
ISBN: 9780194741910
Kiadó: Oxford University Press
Kiadás éve: 2011
Oldalszám: 2
Kötésmód: normál műanyagtok
Tömeg: 500 g/db

Designed for students moving on to academic studies or for those on a foundation programme, the series focuses on improving students’ academic skills by:

• Developing the specific skills required for academic studies through a wide range of topics relevant to higher education.
• Exploring strategies to help students with new vocabulary, and to record, vary, and build their vocabulary.
• Offering guidance in undertaking research, and in acknowledging sources.
• Providing plenty of guided practice as well as freer practice to encourage learner independence.

Teacher’s Guides are available at each level, with lesson notes, background information, answer keys to the Student Book activities, and photocopiable extension activities.

The accompanying CD-ROM provides a range of tests. Class audio CDs are provided for the Listening, Speaking, and Study Skills titles.

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