Clive Oxenden – Christina Latham-Koenig: New English File Beginner Student’s Book

Várható szállítási idő: 1-3 munkanap
Nyelv: angol
ISBN: 9780194518697
Kiadó: Oxford University Press
Kiadás éve: 2009
Oldalszám: 120
Kötésmód: puha kötés
Tömeg: 360 g/db

New English File
The course that gets students talking
Fun, motivating lessons that work
The perfect balance of grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and skills to get your students speaking English with confidence.

Student’s Book
Well thought-out, interesting, clear and simple.
– Motivating, real-world material
– Grammar Bank with rules and exercises
– Illustrated
Vocabulary Bank and Sound Bank
– Practical English with authentic interviews

Ár: 4 950 Ft